Jane Brown, Loughborough University, UK
Title: Polarised neutrons as a tool to study smart materials

I was born in 1932 in Scotland in the rural village of Baldernock. I spent my Undergraduate and Post Graduate years at Cambridge as a member of Newnham College reading for the Natural Sciences Tripos with Part II in Physics and subsequently undertaking research for a PhD in the Cavendish laboratory on the Structures of some intermetallic compounds. I did two years post doctoral research in the USA at Brookhaven National laboratory where I had my first encounter with neutron diffraction and in particular with polarised neutrons. On my return to Cambridge as fellow of Newnham College and Assistant Director of research in the Cavendish laboratory I started a group working on magnetic crystallography in association with the solid state division at Harwell. 12 years later when the British joined France and Germany in signing the treaty to exploit the ILL research reactor I moved there as senior scientist responsible for the diffraction group. At the ILL my research was mainly in the field of polarised neutrons, developing techniques for their use and programs for evaluating and exploiting the results. I retired officially from the ILL staff in 1994 but continued as a long term Visitor and visiting Professor at Loughborough University until October 2011. I am now living in Cambridge and trying to work through a backlog of incompletely treated data.