Robert Carley, Free University of Berlin, Germany
Title: Ultrafast magnetization dynamics of Gadolinium and Terbium studied by XUV photoelectron spectroscopy

Robert studied chemistry at King's College London. Following a PhD in the coherent control of Rydberg electron wavepackets at University College London, he applied femtosecond pulseshaping to the optical isomerization of benzene, also at UCL. He then spent a short time working on laser-driven plasma physics at Imperial College before moving into ultrafast studies of solids and surfaces at the Max Born Institute in Berlin, in the group of Martin Weinelt. There, in addition to studies of molecular switches, he has been involved in the construction of a femtosecond extreme ultraviolet beamline for time- and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy based on high-order harmonic generation and its use in ultrafast laser-driven magnetization dynamics. Robert moved to the Free University of Berlin at the end of 2011 and continues to do experiments at the MBI.