Mark Fox, The University of Sheffield, UK
Title: Coherent optical control of excitons and spins in quantum dots

Mark Fox is Professor of Optical Physics at the University of Sheffield. He received his doctorate from Oxford University in 1987, after which he worked as a post-doctoral member of technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey. He returned to Oxford as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, and then moved to the University of Sheffield in 1998. During his career he has worked on the optical properties of low-dimensional semiconductor structures, especially III-V quantum wells and quantum dots, with a particular interest in their application in quantum optics. His current research activities are carried out through two EPSRC-funded programme grants on "Optical Control of Quantum States in Semiconductor Nanostructures" and "Semiconductor Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits". He is the author of two texts in the Oxford Masters Series in Physics: Optical Properties of Solids (2nd edition, 2010) and Quantum optics: an introduction (2006), and is a Fellow of both the Institute of Physics and the Optical Society of America.