Arsen Gukasov, CEA, France
Title: Local susceptibility of frustrated pyrochlores. A tool to assess the anisotropic exchange interaction

After undergraduate studies at the Leningrad Polytechnical Institut (1966-1972), Arsen Gukasov works in Leningrad Nuclear Physics Institut (at present PNPI) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR until 1992. He obtained his Ph. D from PNPI (1981) for his work in critical neutron scattering and neutron optics. During this period he also works in a tight collaboration with ILL scientists on the magnetic dynamics of complex magnetic systems (antiferromagnetic garnets) using inelastic neutron scattering in combination with symmetry analysis. In 1992-1993 he works as a visiting scientist at ISIS RAL (UK) in the Excitations Group. He joins Leon Brillouin Laboratory CEA-CNRS (LLB) in Saclay in 1993, where he occupies the position of the Neutron Diffraction Group Leader. He also coordinates new instrumentation projects carried out at the LLB. His main scientific contributions are in the fields of neuron optics and diffraction, polarized neutron technique and magnetism (chirality, multiferroics, frustrated magnets, actinides, strongly correlated systems etc.). He published more than 130 scientific articles and gave regularly invited communications in international conferences.