Andrew Horsfield, Imperial College London, UK
Title: Understanding defects in iron using magnetic tight binding

Andrew Horsfield is a senior lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Materials Department at Imperial College. He joined in 2007 as an RCUK Fellow, and is an honorary Research Fellow at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. Previous to this he was the Senior Research Fellow in charge of the theory core project for the IRC in Nanotechnology at UCL where he developed a novel scheme for non-adiabatic molecular dynamics (Correlated Electron-Ion Dynamics). His interest in the interface between biology and physics was made possible by a Career Development Fellowship from the Institute of Physics which he received while working for the Fujitsu European Centre for Information Technology. His interest in efficient electronic structure methods and the development of two electronic structure codes (Plato and OXON) occurred while working in the Department of Materials at Oxford University with Prof. David Pettifor and Prof. Adrian Sutton. This built on his experience with tight binding while studying liquid silicon with Prof. Paulette Clancy at Cornell University as a PDRA and Junior Lecturer. He obtained his MSc and PhD in physics at Cornell University with Prof. Neil Ashcroft. His first-class BA in physics was obtained from Oxford University.