Christine Mottet, CINaM-CNRS, France
Title: Bimetallic nanoparticles modelling: towards nanoalloys phase diagrams

Christine Mottet is a researcher of the department of Theory and Numerical Simulations of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Nanoscience in Marseille (France). After a thesis on metallic clusters and a post-doc at the University of Genova, Italy, in the group of the professor Ferrando on the growth of metallic surfaces, she enters the CNRS as researcher in the group of modelisation of Guy Tr├ęglia in the Research Centre on Crystal Growth Mecanisms in Marseille. She works on the modelling by numerical simulations of the structure and dynamics of metallic nanoparticles. She has been member of the Council of the French Physical Society and of the National Council of the Universities. She is co-director of a CNRS research network of a fifteen of laboratories in France on nanoalloys. She is also a member of the Manager Comity of a COST Action on nanoalloys.