Phil Woodruff, University of Warwick, UK
Title: Quantitative adsorbate structure determination v. STM imaging; some examples

Phil Woodruff completed his first degree at the University of Bristol before moving to the (then new) University of Warwick for his PhD, working on the solid/melt interface. He then switched his interest to the solid/vacuum interface and established a research group working on the structural, electronic and chemical properties of well-characterised surfaces, using a wide range of techniques. For some years his primary focus has been on quantitative surface structure determination, mainly of molecular adsorbates on metal and oxide surfaces. Much of this work has involved the use of established and new synchrotron-radiation based methods. In addition to his role as Professor of Physics at the University of Warwick, he held visiting positions at the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin during the period 1999-2011.