Kirill Bolotin, Vanderbilt University, USA
Title: Tuning properties of graphene by controlling its environment

Dr. Kirill Bolotin received his undergraduate degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and his PhD from Cornell University. His thesis work was focused on developing metal-nanoparticle single-electron transistors and studying the quantum analog of anisotropic magnetoresistance. He then became a postdoctoral scientist at Columbia University, working with the groups of Horst Stormer and Philip Kim. There he discovered the approaches to fabricate ultrahigh mobility graphene, found several new phenomena - such as the Fractional Quantum Hall effect -- in such devices, and participated in development of ultrasensitive graphene nanomechanical resonators. Since 2009, Bolotin is an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University. The Bolotin group explores the limits of mobility in graphene devices, explores applications of graphene resonators, and studies novel classes of materials obtained by stacking different 2D crystals. Bolotin was recently awarded the NSF Career and the Sloan foundation awards.